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Requests open!


Hey there followers, I want to draw but I’m out of ideas.

So if you’d like to sent a request for an interesting idea, whether it be a prompt, a character, a scenario, or all of the above, I’ll see if I can give it a go!

I’ll look at all requests but I’m most interested in the following fandoms—

Rune Factory (all of them, not just 4), Harvest Moon: ToT/AP, Xenoblade Chronicles, Hakuouki / Hakuouki SSL, Kimi to Boku, Ken ga Kimi

I want to follow more blogs!

That’s right, my dash is getting pretty lonely. ;v;

Like or reblog if you post ANY the following:

Otome games (doesn’t matter which ones or what type, but I especially love Hakuouki and Ken ga Kimi)


Drama CD series (especially otome but boy love/yaoi/etc is okay!)

Harvest Moon (all)

Rune Factory (all)


Nabari no Ou